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Have a problem with your Mac? See if the answer is listed below.

Q: How can I export Quicken data to Windows?
A: After reading the page on how to export, it seems that it is relatively easy to create a .QIF file out of Quicken 2007. Under File - Choose Export; Do either a "Full Export" or if you just want them to have this year choose a custom export and select this year's dates. When asked where to save the file, give it a easy to remember name and put it where you can find the file, like on you desktop. When the file is created, it should be named (my file).qif - this file will open in Windows. There may be translation errors, but if you have a fairly simple file, it should work just fine.  Depending on the size of the file, you could email it - check with the recipient to see if they have a restriction on file size.  It's probably easiest to put it on a portable drive or thumb drive.  Hope this helps, Arlis Duncan 03/02/13
Q: How can I boot my Mac to a CD/DVD?

Power up your Mac holding down the C key. Rick Black, 04/02/13

Q: How can I get a CD or DVD out of my Mac?
A: If the power is on, you should be able to drag the icon of the CD or DVD to the trash to eject it. Or, press the EJECT button on the keyboard - top right corner. If the power is off and your optical drive has a small hole in the tray, straighten a paper clip and push the end into the hole - that should eject the disk. If you have a slot drive, power on the Mac while you hold the left mouse button (or left button on touch pad.) Rick Black, 04/02/13

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