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A Guide To Backups - Posted 12/2014, last updated 11/2014

Did You Know?

The Mac's PREVIEW program can mark up PDF files? I just discovered this and I've found lots of uses for it, for example highlighting certain areas of text and even being able to insert a text box and type in comments.

If this is of interest to you, check out this short article. 12/2013


What's your favorite Mac utility?

Don Swayze talked about two disk management tools at the May meeting - Disk Warrior, which fixes disk errors, and Tech Tool. These aren't "every day" utilities; they're used to fix hard disk errors and should be used with caution. Don recommends that uses try Apple's Disk Utility program first - it's included with all Macs. 4/2013
Discussed by
Don Swayze

Disk Warrior - by AlSoft

Tech Tool - by Micromat

PictureScaler - Most digital cameras are set up to take photos that are high resolution so that they can be printed out. However, if you want to send photos to friends or publish those photos on the Internet, those high-resolution images take up way too much space. PictureScaler allows you to scale down one photo or a folder-full to the same dimensions and/or file size. 4/2013

by Rick Black

Renamer4Mac - When you take the photo files from your camera to your computer, they have a filename that doesn't tell you much about the pictures. Renamer4Mac can rename one or a group of files (photos, documents, music, etc) to a common name and then number them sequentially. Also can do search and replace, uppercase to lowercase, and other manipulations. Getting the most out of this program requires some practice, but with some trials, you'll master it and find it very useful. 4/2013

by Rick Black

CombinePDFs - Have you ever needed to combine two PDFs into one? Or reorder the pages of a PDF? or remove pages from a PDF? Thanks to the way Apple implements PDFs on our Macs, there's a great little program to do this. The company in Germany who's come up with this program makes it available in several languages. Free download - 30 day trial.

by Rick Black

TypeIt4Me - I have been using this great little macro program for over 10 years. It allows you to capture strings of text that you use all the time (like the "signature" in your emails) and assign a unique string (the code) to recall it. The program can be found at A free demo is available so that you can try before you buy. I use it several times a day - terrific utility and great support. Free download - 30 day trial.


by Rick Black

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